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About Elite Magazine

Elite Magazine’s audience is defined by their influence in the community and purchasing power. Our unique blend of focused content fosters tremendous advertising response because it serves an engaged audience. This quality publication offers an excellent blend of unmatched military insights, lifestyle features and business intelligence.

No other magazine in North Carolina is quite like it – Elite is a place where military and civilian life intersect. Food, fashion, sports, guns, tech, history, business, education, Elite does it all.

Elite Magazine offers a longer shelf-life for advertising and brand messaging due to its staying power in the home or office. Marketing through this magazine anchors your company to the lifestyle of the Elite Magazine consumer by delivering the right content and the right brands to the right readers.

Who reads Elite?

It all starts by providing an affluent and desirable deomographic. Elite reaches 13,000 key influencers and their spouses in the Fort Bragg community. They include:

  • Area business owners – CEO, CFO, director
  • Military members – field grade officers and above
  • Department of Defense civilians – senior leadership at Fort Bragg and throughout the Army
  • Defense contractors – CMO, CEO, COO
  • Government officials – state and federal level
  • Select members of the Braxton Bragg chapter of AUSA and N.C. Defense Business Association



10,000 copies printed monthly.

The majority are direct mailed by USPS to Cumberland and Moore counties, including Fort Bragg, as a free subscription after opt-in request.

  • Master sergeant and above
  • Addresses on post
  • APO addresses

Free-standing rack locations in Cumberland and Moore counties and Fort Bragg, and the Airborne & Special Operations Museum adjacent to North Carolina Veterans Park.

Event distribution

  • Dogwood Festival
  • Stoneybrook Steeplechase
  • West Point Society Dinner
  • Military symposiums and expos
  • Military Spouses meetings
  • Other audience appropriate events

Why Elite?

Located just west of Fayetteville, North Carolina, Fort Bragg is one of the country's largest and busiest military installations. Forces Command is here, managing the bulk of Army units who go to war. Fort Bragg leaders make decisions that affect nearly 1 million people in the Army. Think of it as the home office for the Army's conventional land and special operations forces: Army Green Berets, Rangers and other elite groups. Fort Bragg grooms the U.S. military's next household names, including retired Gen. Hugh Shelton and Gen. David Petraeus and the world's first female four-star general, Gen. Ann Dunwoody.

You can reach tomorrow's leaders today.

The economic impact of Fort Bragg can be measured in the billions. As other communities shrink, Fort Bragg is growing. More than $1.3 billion in construction projects are under way or planned. 

Elite is aimed at career military personnel and senior federal civilian workers - people with buying power. They are looking for new homes, cars and fashion plus the best education, vacations and ways to spend precious family time. Elite shows life and interests, in and out of uniform.

Our readers are:

  • Officers - A major with 10 years experience earns a base pay of about $75,000 annually. Elite targets officers, major and above.
  • Non-commissioned officers -  A master sergeant with 10 years experience earns a base pay of about $47,500 annually. Elite targets senior NCOs.
  • Civil service - A GS-14 employee earns anywhere between $84,697 and $110,104 annually. Elite targets senior civilian employees.

Who to Contact

Jim Schaffer is our Elite Magazine Advertising Specialist. He is an accomplished advertising executive with experience helping businesses increase sales. Reach Jim at or (910) 486-2712 x712.

In the Magazine: Monthly Features

Each month we feature:

Power Players are the people to know: Civilians making a difference – for military families, in their communities and, sometimes, around the world.

Follow the Footprints in the Sandhills: People who once called Fort Bragg home, where are they now?

Lifestyles: Fascinating people. Places to visit. Things to do.

Business news to use: Company profiles. Contracts and contacts. Trends to watch.

In the Magazine: Issue Themes


Recent and Upcoming Issues...

May: The 82nd Airborne All American Week

  • ON THE COVER: The week-long recognition of the 82nd Airborne Division, which includes a review, division run and memorial service, kicks off in May.
  • THE U.S. OPEN: Pinehurst No. 2 will be home to the U.S. Open and U.S. Women's Open championships in 2014. We find the military ties to our golf community.

June: North Carolina Brews

  • ON THE COVER: We feature the best pints in North Carolina, including breweries with a military twist.
  • NESTERS: How military families have imprinted their personalities on their homes after multiple moves.
Issue Month Issue Theme Ad Deadline Publication Date
 January  Aviation  Dec. 3  Jan. 1
February Military-friendly schools Dec. 31 Feb. 1
March The N.C. Coast Jan. 28 March 1
April Women of the Military March 4 April 1
May Golf April 1 May 1
June Best Brewpubs April 29 June 1
July Health Care June 3 July 1
August Back to School July 1 August 1
September Road Trips Aug. 5 Sept. 1
October Sporting Life Sept. 3 Oct. 1
November Military Discounts Sept. 30 Nov. 1
December Holiday Traditions Nov. 4 Dec. 1
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