• Technological gamechangers: in case of emergency
    "No single agent has been able to simultaneously fight infection and stimulate the body's natural healing process. Until now."
  • Technological game changers: clean energy
    A natural gas-fired power plant with zero air emissions? Not only is it possible, but a 50-megawatt demonstration plant is being built to prove it. The project is a collaboration among CB&I, Exelon, Toshiba and the Durham-based 8 Rivers Capital, which is behind the technology.
  • Preparation, fleibility key in job hunt
    About 2,500 Army captains, majors and noncommissioned officers recently found out this summer they need to find a new job. And this is just the first of several rounds of cuts as the Army scales back and draws down.
  • Technological game changers: tough as silk
    It sounds too outrageous to be legit - spider genes transplanted into silkworms that then spin cocoons of stronger-than-steel spider silk.
  • Technological gamechangers: looking powerful
    Could our clothes one day power our iPhones?
  • Technological gamec hangers: paving the way for a smaller future
    Back in the 1970s, Moore's Law predicted the number of transistors available on a CPU would double every year, translating to twice the processing power. So far, that theory has held up fairly well. As power and speed increase, the hardware keeps shrinking - take the smartwatch, for example.
  • War and doughnuts: Krispy Kreme
    Story by Kristi Carr
  • Technological game changers: The skinny on SATCOM
    As if the cool factor of the Aston Martin DB5 wasn't enough, add Sean Connery, a console oil slick button and a passenger-side ejector seat, and you have the stuff of legends. James Bond and Q - the inventor of geek-chic - were only held to the believable standard of Hollywood with their creative communications solutions: Who could forget Bond's attempt to contact MI6 by pulling a transistor from his shoe and wrapping it in a hand-written note? Bond's pocket-sized, on-screen gadgets were fodder for imagi
  • Technological game changers: real muscles
    If muscles could talk, there would be no need for the TMG measurement system. But they can't, and soldiers and athletes aren't always good at translating the signals.
  • Technological gamechangers: avoiding dehydration
    Preventing heat casualties is a military message drilled during formations, safety briefs and in command letters. Yet still the mighty fall - face first onto the parade field, victims of the blazing sun. More than 16,000 active-duty soldiers received medical treatment for heat-related injuries in 2012, according to the Army's public health command.
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